Student Assessment Entry Testing

ABSIStudents who require an educational assessment test by our schools will be guided through this process either by us (ABSI) or by our trusted agents overseas - all trained and skilled in delivering the iSTARTOnline - Edutest. This test is the 'preferred' test and is accepted by our schools.

Should a student have already completed another type of assessment test please contact us to ensure it is accepted by our schools.

The assessment testing procedure is not a pass/fail test - it is merely to ensure our schools are able to place a new student into correct class levels according to ability and to ensure any English bridging requirements are able to be provided for successful academic outcomes.

ABSI's responsibility to its schools is to ensure that international students are assessed under the most appropriate 'best practice' and 'most relevant' methods available. Please contact us.


"In the future, how things are tested should match how

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