We know that you will have many questions. Over the past 10 years we have helped to answer many, many questions. Here are some of the questions asked by families and things you need to ask yourself in preparation to decide which school or location may be best for your child. We look forward to answering these questions for you when you contact us. They are not listed in any order.

1.Do you have girls only and boys only schools as well as co-education schools? YES "We have all types of schools including boarding and home stay schools.

2. Will my child be safe? The locations of these schools are in very desirable areas of Australia. Your child will be well-cared for and safety is of the highest priority of each school.

3. Will there be 24/7 supervision? Most definitely. Directors of Boarding and supervision staff live in-residence at the boarding house and during the school hours there are mentors/tutors and specialised faculty caring for your child's academic, social and spiritual care. Our schools offering home stay placement, ensure that every family residence is checked and that all families holding securit clearances. Your child will certainly be safe.

4. What are the academic results of the School? These schools are highly reputable and well-respected schools for the outcomes they produce. These outcomes are not only addressing academics (of which are in the top 10% of the Country) they are focusing on building the character of each student so that each student becomes the best they can be. Being the best they can be goes far beyond academics. It extends to Respect, Values, Manners, Compassion, Leadership ... lots more.

5. Does the School providing learning support or can it extend my child if they are clever?Each of these schools have specialist staff and programs to extend the gifted student and support the student who is requiring assistane to reach their full potential. Schools of this quality have education psychologists who are available and staff who understand how to teach boys and how to teach girls 'differently' as each learns at a different pace and prefers a different style.

6. Is there a Performing Arts program as my child has extraordinary talent? Oustanding performing arts across music, drama, voice, dance are offered at each of the schools. A few of the schools actually attract very talented students from across Australia, usually via performing arts scholarship auditions and participate in a special performing arts program. These performing arts programs are referred to as a 'school within the school'. For gifted musicians, dancers, singers or those heading to an acting career or musical theatre, these schools offer a great pathway.

7. What is the accommodation arrangements i.e. single rooms, shared rooms?It depends on which school. Most offer shared accommodation from either 2-4 per room in junior years and progress toward single rooms in upper senior years. Year 12 students in all the schools have their own rooms.

8. What is the routine for boarding students?A typice routine for a boarding day can be found in the following example. While this example demonstrates the routing of only one of these schools - they are all very similar. Click here to see the example.

9. Are there many activities for boarding students during weekends and what about school holiday periods?Yes. All the boarding schools ensure that during weekends, their boarding students are occupied either in their own pursuits (with permission) or in organised school activities. Some of the schools have 'in-weekends' meaning that ALL students, Australian and international must remain at the boarding residence over the weekend for organised excursions, fun programs and social activities. These 'in-weekends' or 'organised activities' are to develop the bonds and friendships and social harmony within the boarding environment. It also provides opportunity for international students to visit a number of interesting places in the city in which they are living. An example of some organised activities which occur can be viewed in this one school's example. All schools have a program, this is just one example. Click here

10. My child will probably be very homesick, how will this be monitored?Boarding schools' staff are trained professionals and have extensive experience in understanding and managing home sickness experienced by students. The caring, warm, friendly environment provided to students will never replace 'home' but the aim is to have students 'feel at home'. Having a friend is very important and immediately these schools organise for a 'buddy' to help any newly arrived student to integrate, be introduced to others and to 'find their way' around the boarding environment and the school day classes. As time progresses, students will sort out their own friendships and home sickness diminishes. These important early weeks are monitored by staff and assistance and comfort is provided constantly. Parents play a big role in helping boarding staff help their child. They should not constantly phone their child - maybe even be a little 'unavailable' over the first few weeks so that their child does not use 'home' as a crutch that they cannot get rid of. Time is needed. At first your child will wish to phone you 'everyday'. These calls will slowly become less - until the point you will need to phone your child as they will be 'too busy' and enjoying their friendships and school life.

11. Am I able to visit the School at any time?Of course. You must first advise school staff of your plans so they are able to plan for your visit and ensure that you have meetings with any staff members organised for you. Schools enjoy having parents participating in the life of the school and welcome your involvement. The school staff will see your visit as an opportunity to dicuss your child's progress and well-being with you. Please let the school know in advance of your intention to visit.

12. What is the induction procedure once our child arrives at the School?Every school has a planned and carefully prepared orientation/induction procedure. It will include a tour, introductions to not only staff but also to possible 'friends' to assist your child settling in and getting to know others and routines. It could also include fitting of uniforms, setting up of bank account and meetings with faculty in regard to subject selection and timetable preparations. Safety drills i.e. fire exits and what to do if they feel unwell - are all covered by orientation/induction programs.

13. What should they bring? Is bedding and linen provided or do we need to supply this?Most schools provide the bedding and linen (including towels) required for your child in the boarding residence. Others may require the family to arrange or provide funds for the purchase of these items (assistance is offered if parents are not in Australia) for the purchase of these items. Many students like being able to select their own personalised bedding. Each school is a little different and so these particulars need to be checked through admissions prior to your child's expected arrival so that you are prepared to provide what is required, know it will be provided, or provide funds for the purchase of these items.

14. Is there an ESL program at the School?Once again, some schools provide their own intensive programs - meaning it is not necessary for your child to attend an external language centre for high school preparation. Most schools however expect any high school intensive English preparation course to be undertaken at their preferred providers prior to entry into the mainstream classes or into the boarding houses. Some schools will allow a student to board at the school, while organising their attendance at the external language centre through each school day. All schools offer ESL (EAL/EFL) support once students enter into mainstream classes at commence school/boarding. The two Tasmanian schools accept students directly into the boarding residence from Day 1 and into normal school programs. The subject for these students through the day however is to attend intensive English class until they are able to integrate into the mainstream programs. This means the students are part of school life from Day 1 of arrival. and into the full life of the school program - by providing intensive language high school preparation as a full-time subject at the school during the day with specialised staff. As each school is slightly different, our admissions team can provide you guidance through the enrolment process.

15. What subject choices, sporting choices are available?Lists of subjects at each of these schools are extensive and each school have specialised programs. It is best to check with admissions and ask for a copy of subjects offered at the particular level for your child's interest and enrolment intention. Each school have handbooks to provide the overview of each Year level program - as each year level varies. As an example, look at the extensive range of programs and how each year level pathways to the next year level via this example. Click here.

16. What is the minimum period that a student can enrol for at the School?All schools give priority to long-term students. The minimum period is usally for 6 months. A couple of the schools will consider one term or a trial period, this is on a case-by-case basis and depending on space availability at the school or in the boarding residences. You will need to check with our admissions team.

17. What if my child gets sick?There are trained staff (in many instances, registered nurses) who are in attendance or on call 24/7 for the students and boarding students of the school. There are Doctors who are also available for call-outs if and when required by boarding residences and you can be assured that your child's needs will be met immediately. Should your child have a viral illness it may they require to be isolated until feeling well again so that other students do not also become ill. All schools have a 'health centre'. The health centre will provide for an isolation area (bed) and full-care until your child has recovered and able to return to their own rooms. Should your child require more serious attention through illness or injury i.e. medical attention by a Doctor, surgeon or hospitalisation - your nominated local Guardian and you will be notified immediately. You will also be communicated with about any other illness your child may suffer, such as viral illness where they require isolation. The boarding staff will not communicate with you about common colds, they will simply deal with this.

18. Are school reports issued to me regularly?Yes. School reports are issued very regularly for all students. This is a question you can ask our admissions team about the school of your choice once your child is enrolled to ensure you know when to expect school reports. If you have personally not received the school report for your child as and when you expected it, you should also check with your education agent in your country who you may have worked through for your child's entry because often the school will forward reports to the agency to pass on to you. This is commonly undertaken if langauge is a barrier. All school reports are issued in English. This is another reason schools insist on a 'local' nominated Guardian. This person is an advocate for you and school reports are also able to be issued to this person - who can translate and explain the reports to you.

19. What mix of International students are already in the School?On the reverse side of each of the ABSI schools' flyers it is noted what percentage of international students are at the school. This is a guide only as it will fluctuate of course. The aim of each of the schools however is to ensure a diversity of cultures and never too many students from any one country. Too many students from any one nationality is not favourable for your child - nor is it favourable for the harmony within the boarding environment. Schools work hard to ensure that your child is able to mix within an English speaking environment for their language development. You can be assured that these schools take this matter of diversity seriously.

20. What are the school terms?School terms vary from state-to-state in Australia. Queensland term dates will be slightly different to New South Wales and slightly different again to say, Tasmania. You will be provided a copy of school term dates once you enquire about which school or schools you are considering for your child's enrolment.


There are so many more questions. In addition you need to ask about the student's personality: shy and quiet or outgoing and social? independent learner or needs to be assisted to keep focus? These will all affect which school and which location will be best suited for their study abroad education.We here at ABSI are the admissions centre appointed by these outstanding schools to focus on their international students admissions, needs, provision of information and facilitation of the entire entry process. There are numerous more questions that will occur and we are here to assist you. One school may suit your child better than another. It is important to be open-minded about location. Don't select a location based simply on the fact you may have visited a city for 2 days. This is the future of your child. It does not matter which school they enter while they are boarding - every school is fabulous of the ABSI group of schools. Your child will be able to pathway to ANY University destination, ANY city after schooling - even an overseas University. The important fact is they are happy at school. The school matches their personality, provides them security and comfort and progresses them to the end higher education (University) destination of their choice and provides them the assistance for that pathway. At school they need to remain focused and happy to achieve the academic standards they need to progress. They need a focused study environment, they need nurturing. Allow us to assist to match your child's needs, personality, needs for academic assistance, language development and so on ... with the school that will best meet their needs (regardless of location).








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ABSI also has staff in Japan and in South Korea. Please contact us should you need assistance in those languages.















Feedback about Education Agents.

ABSI works with the trusted and appointed education agents of each school. In addition, ABSI and each school monitors the integrity, representation and ethical processes of each of the schools' education agents. Agents wishing to represent the Schools are welcomed to contact ABSI or the School and following liaison and effective communication or a visit to the agent's premises where possible, ABSI will pass the recommendation of an Agent Agreement to the ABSI schools - or - the School will pass to ABSI an agent to follow up on their behalf.



We ask for families and students to provide to us in-confidence, feedback 'positive' or 'negative' regarding any education agent which presents one of the ABSI schools for consideration or undertakes the process of enrolment for the family or student. We would like to know about your experience. Please use the form below.


Feedback from Agents and Families

Also important is feedback in relation to ABSI or one of the ABSI schools. We would like to here from you about how you feel ABSI operates and feedback as well about how the School performed in ensuring your needs and the needs of your child were met through the enrolment process or commencement at the School. This provies us with the ability to review processes for continuous improvement. Please use the form below.

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Enrolment Assistance

Going through the enrolment process can be tricky...

You will need assistance as you complete forms, provide information we require from you. It could be you will need to undertake an English assessment test prior to entry. Then you will need paperwork to accompany your submission for a student visa. ABSI can assist you directly or recommend to you one of our respected agents in your own country. It is a much simpler process when you have expert assistance.

10 Steps to Easy Enrolment

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Deciding on the right school for your child can be a difficult decision.


The following books are great for further understanding the different needs of girls and boys. Some students fit within an all girls' or all boys' school, and this is best for them. Others may prefer a co-educational environment - ABSI offers choice of schools.


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On our home page we list where we will be on what dates so you will always know if we are planning a visit to your country. Please contact us to make an appointment to meet with you at those times.


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