Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 11/2010

This policy details Australian Boarding Schools International (ABSI)'s and is also bound by each individual school's privacy policy in regard to how it will use and manage personal information it receives or collects.

ABSI is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, as amended (“the Act”).

1. Collection of Personal Information

The type of information ABSI collects and holds includes (but is not limited to) personal information, including sensitive information, about:

  • Students, before, during and after the course of their enrolment at ABSI
  • Parents and/or guardians (collectively “parents”) before, during and after the course of their child’s enrolment at each school via ABSI
  • About Schools and their practices
  • Some other people who come into contact with ABSI

“Personal Information” means: information or an opinion, whether true or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained, from the information or opinion.

“Sensitive Information” means: personal information relating to a person’s racial or ethnic origins, political origins, religion, education, occupation, trade union or other professional or trade association membership, sexual preferences, criminal record and information about a person’s health.

Personal Information Provided by the individual
ABSI may collect personal information, including sensitive information, about individuals from information provided on ABSI or School forms and from discussions in person or on the telephone or via email enquiries. ABSI may also hold personal information through contracts it has entered into with each school.

Personal Information provided by Third Parties
ABSI may also be provided with personal information about an individual from third party sources, including a medical report or a reference from another school.

2. Use of Personal Information Collected

Students and Parents
ABSI may collect students’ and parents’ personal information to enable ABSI to provide information to each School so they may provide schooling for the student and to satisfy the needs of parents and students throughout the whole period the student’s enrolment at each school.

ABSI may use personal information on students and parents including to:

  • Inform parents about matters concerning their child’s schooling, including through correspondence or School or ABSI publications
  • Satisfy ABSI’s legal obligations, particularly to discharge its duty of care
  • Conduct administration activities of ABSI
  • Ensure students’ educational, social and medical well being are protected
  • Seek donations and market ABSI in conjunction with the schools ABSI represents

If ABSI requests personal information about a student or parent but the information requested is not provided, ABSI may be unable to enrol or continue to provide information to enable schooling by one of the schools ABSI represents for the student.

Potential Employees, Employees and Independent Contractors and Schools or School staff
ABSI may collect personal information of potential employees, employees and independent contractors to assess and possibly engage an employee or independent contractor. ABSI also may hold information outlined in contracts entered into with ABSI by Schools and/or school staff..

An employee's record may be used without breaching the National Privacy Principles or this Privacy Policy if the use relates to a current or former employment relationship between ABSI and the employee.

ABSI uses personal information on potential employees, employees and independent contractors and organisations to:

  • Administer the individual’s employment or contract
  • Satisfy ABSI’s legal requirements or contractual requirements
  • Meet insurance purposes
  • Seek funds and market ABSI

ABSI may also collect personal information about volunteers to assist ABSI in its marketing and recruitment efforts, providing advice to potential students and families or current student and families and for any social or educational functions and associated activities.

Fundraising and Marketing
It may be necessary for the marketing of ABSI or during fundraising activities for personal information held by ABSI to be disclosed to an internal organisation, such as the Schools which ABSI represents, or others who assist with these tasks. In particular, School publications may be used for marketing purposes and may be provided to parents, staff, employees, independent contractors and other members of the Australian and international educational community.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information

ABSI may disclose personal information, including sensitive information, held about an individual to:

  • Teachers and sport coaches
  • Anyone to whom the individual authorises ABSI to disclose the information
  • Medical practitioners
  • Specialist visiting teachers and sports coaches and other people who provide services to the School and therefore who ABSI is also involved
  • Parents
  • Another School
  • Government Departments
  • Recipients of School publications, such as newsletters or magazines
  • Education Agents
  • Alumni Associations and affiliated bodies
  • Parents' Association
  • External sporting bodies or associations with a connection to ABSI

ABSI will only use or disclose sensitive information for the purpose for which it was provided or for another directly related purpose, unless you agree otherwise, or where ABSI is legally allowed to use or disclose that sensitive information.

4. Management and Security of Personal Information

ABSI prevents personal or school information held by it from being misused, lost, modified or accessed other than with appropriate authority, or disclosed, by use of the following methods:

  • Use of secure storage for both paper and computer records. Paper records relating to students or schools are kept in locked filing cabinets in either senior staff offices or the administration building. Computer records relating to students are stored on staff dedicated computers and can only be accessed with passwords. Computer administration records relating to students are protected to minimise opportunities for hacking. Past student files are kept by each school and ABSI locks these away in archive storage.
  • Staff professional development on privacy
  • Annual shredding of documents
  • Ongoing commitment to generate a staff culture regarding respecting privacy

5. Updating Personal Information

ABSI ensures that the personal information it holds is accurate and complete. An individual may update personal information held by ABSI by contacting the ABSI.

In accordance with the National Privacy Principles, ABSI will destroy personal information after it is no longer necessary to hold it.

6. Access to Personal Information

Under the Act, ABSI is generally obliged to provide an individual with access to any personal information that ABSI holds about them.

Requests for access to personal information are to be made to the Managing Director of ABSI in writing. Generally, ABSI expects this to be done by the student's parents or Headmasters of Schools. Consent given by parents will be treated as consent given on behalf of the student and a notice from parents will act as notice given by the student. ABSI may, in special circumstances, allow students access to information about them held by ABSI independently of their parents. ABSI may also allow a student to give or withhold consent to the use of their personal information. The provision of independent access to information and the respect for withheld consent will normally only be granted when the student involved has reached 18 years of age or when the maturity of the student and/or his personal circumstances justify it. All privacy agreements held under enrolment obligations with the School once a student is enrolled take over from ABSI's privacy policies ongoing and ABSI will then not be liable for any action or breach of privacy by any individual school.

Access to personal information may be denied in certain circumstances. For example, there will be occasions where access to personal information would unreasonably impact on the privacy of others or where access may result in a breach of ABSI’s duty of care to the student.


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